Artificial Grass in Victorville

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All About Landscaping with Artificial Lawn

We usually hear the same series of inquiries when a potential new customer contacts Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping to ask about our artificial turf options. We’ve answered some of the most common questions about artificial turf below to help you determine whether it’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Is artificial grass a safe surface?

In general, artificial grass is a soft surface to land on. We’ll probably recommend shock-absorbent cushioning if we’re installing it on a playground or sports field. Our staff installs this cushioning before we lay the grass, providing you with a shock-absorbent surface that decreases the chance of injury.

Where can I use artificial grass?

One of the many advantages of synthetic grass is its versatility. You might be familiar with using artificial grass outside, but many people don’t realize that indoor artificial turf is also a practical way to liven up enclosed areas. If you’re considering installing fake grass in Victorville, consider how beautiful the following places can be with the help of Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping:

Commercial Landscaping

Rooftop Gardens

Sports Fields

Pool Surroundings

Garden Walkways

Pet Areas



Putting Greens

Terraces, Balconies, and Other Unique Areas

And So Much More!

What does an artificial grass care routine involve?

Artificial turf maintenance is substantially easier than regular lawn maintenance. Ease of care is one of the primary reasons our clients prefer Victorville synthetic turf. Nonetheless, for maximum durability and visual appeal, we recommend consulting with your landscaping consultant at Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping to develop a care plan specific to your lifestyle, needs, and exact artificial grass product. Your knowledgeable landscaper will almost certainly recommend a customized plan that involves many of the following:

Routine Maintenance – Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on conditions such as foot activity, weather conditions, and pet presence. After rinsing, cross brush any high-traffic areas to keep the fibers upright and prevent matting. With these steps, you can prolong your investment and keep your lawn looking gorgeous.

Mild Stains – Act as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains. Begin by blotting up the spill with an absorbent material (such as a towel), then rinse the area with mild soap and water. If the stain is stubborn or starting to set in, remove it with a 3% ammonia solution before carefully rinsing it with water.

Preventive Care – As precautionary measures, avoid smoking cigarettes or lighting fireworks on your artificial turf. Never allow potentially damaging or staining liquids near your lawn, and keep strong chemicals away as well.

Sticky Stains – Sticky substances like tree sap or gum should be frozen with dry ice or a refrigerant. When the substance is hardened, carefully scrape to remove.

Stubborn Stains – To remove stubborn stains such as ink, motor oil, or other tough, dark substances, use mineral spirits. Remember to rinse.

Pet Waste Stains – To remove urine stains from turf, simply rinse with cold water. If there is solid waste, ensure it is completely dry prior to removal.

Should I be worried about drainage when I choose artificial grass?

Drainage is a challenge that is generally solved by design due to the modern building processes and high-quality materials utilized in the artificial grass manufacturing process. We find that many homes and commercial properties don’t need any special drainage system in place to enjoy adequate drainage with artificial grass. In cases where our landscapers identify potential drainage issues in specific areas of your property, we will proactively tackle these concerns by implementing proper leveling or other effective drainage solutions before proceeding with the installation of your artificial turf.

How does artificial grass look and feel?

Modern artificial grass is engineered with nature in mind. It features a natural underfoot feel, diverse green hues, and a soft texture.

What are the different types of artificial grass and how do they differ?

There are many different varieties of synthetic turf, and the experts at Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping will ask you a series of questions to determine which one is ideal for you. We’ll inquire about foot traffic, the location where the grass will be installed, and your aesthetic preferences.

Landscaping Turf – Because it emphasizes beauty, longevity, and softness, this type of fake grass is ideal for home or business settings.

Pet-Friendly Turf – Pet parents prefer this type of turf because it is easy to clean and extremely durable.

Sports Turf – This sort of artificial grass is specially-designed for sport field use. It places a premium on durability and performance, but its primary objective is safety.

Golf Turf – As the name implies, this sort of artificial grass is designed for golf courses. Its short style makes it look beautifully manicured, and golfers love that they can have a consistent and predictable experience every time they tee off.

Why do homeowners and business owners choose artificial grass over real grass?

For a variety of reasons, synthetic grass is a popular choice. Customers appreciate that it is:

Pet-Friendly – If your pet has allergy symptoms like eye irritation, sneezing, scratching, or itching, synthetic turf can be a great solution. Because there is no mud for dogs to play in, artificial grass for pets is a popular choice for pet owners who value cleanliness. You can also be completely sure that your furry friend will never encounter outdoor chemicals like fertilizers, weed control products, dangerous or harsh pesticides while they’re enjoying their easy-to-clean, urine-stain-free outdoor space.

Allergen-Free – Canine and human allergy sufferers will enjoy spending time outside without the worry of irritating allergy flare-ups.

Cost Savings – When you choose an artificial lawn over a natural one, you can save money on mowing and associated expenditures (such as gas), landscaping, water, and other expenses. Although the initial expense may deter some homeowners, many customers believe that the cost is actually fairly affordable when years (or even decades) of enjoyment are considered.

Year-Round Greenery – Synthetic grass in Victorville is attractive because it remains gorgeously green throughout the seasons, whereas the natural grass around you begins to die – frequently in unsightly patches. You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors when you have the most beautiful and green lawn in town.

Low-Maintenance – Live grass demands far more frequent maintenance, such as mowing, weed control, manicuring, watering, and other tasks. Fake grass just calls for prompt pet waste removal, spot cleaning as needed, and routine brushing and rinsing. With proper artificial grass upkeep, your investment should last 15 to 25 years!

Durability – Heavy foot traffic, wind, rain, and snow are some of the many obstacles that artificial grass is designed to withstand. Its non-slip surface is extremely fade- and wear-resistant, and it even offers UV protection.

Eco-Friendly – Your artificial lawn can help you minimize your environmental impact by conserving water, circumventing the pollution caused by lawn mowers, and steering clear of harsh fertilizers and weed control chemicals.

Longevity – When Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping’s experts complete the professional installation of our top-of-the-line products and you implement our long-term maintenance guidelines, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy your synthetic lawn for up to 25 years! Simply consult your talented landscaper with any questions you might have about a thorough upkeep schedule.

How is artificial grass made?

Artificial grass has two main characteristics: synthetic grass blades connected to a fabric backing. Manufacturers start by melting premium-quality plastic pellets composed of materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene, coloring it green (since it starts out white), and molding it into long blades of grass that look remarkably natural. The strands are then stretched to strengthen them before being wound onto a spool and turned into yarn-like material. Finally, using specially-engineered equipment, they are sewn onto a massive sheet of polyurethane or latex fabric.

After looping the yarn through the cloth, another piece of machinery cuts the loop ends to release the yarn and create a lifelike, grass-like tip, giving artificial turf a surprisingly genuine appearance. The next step involves applying an adhesive to the back of the fabric that adds strength and keeps the blades intact. Other unique measures are taken by manufacturers to make the product highly water-permeable and robust. Once all steps are completed, the artificial turf is rolled and shipped.

How is synthetic turf installed?

You want your artificial lawn to be long-lasting and beautiful, which is why this complicated task should only be managed by experts. Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping’s outstanding crew is here to manage every little detail, so you can relax while you wait for your lovely new grass to be installed.

We take the following steps when installing artificial grass:

  1. Clear obstructions and plants with a shovel to prepare the base.
  2. For weed protection and drainage, lay the weed barrier upon the aggregate base, overlap the seams, and affix it with anchors or nails.
  3. To form the surface, add crushed stone, gravel, or another material, rake and smooth, and then compact the aggregate.
  4. When installing more than one roll of synthetic grass, put it into place, cut if required, and seam the edges neatly.
  5. Pull the sheet of grass taut, then drive nails or landscaping anchors into various locations around the perimeter.
  6. Spread and brush infill material (like silica sand) across the grass surface to prevent matting and weigh the material down.

To discuss artificial grass installation or ask our pros for advice, call Daniel’s Affordable Landscaping today at (760) 684-2025.